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Bursdager 11. desember

Anne Heywood
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Teaser trailer til Transformers 3
Av: Montecristo, 10. desember 21:31

Byen mellom liv og død
Film generelt
Av: Montecristo, 7. desember 08:47

Elias og jakten på havets gull
Norsk film
Av: Montecristo, 6. desember 10:24

Film generelt
Av: Montecristo, 4. desember 09:02

Pinnsvinets hemmelighet
Film generelt
Av: Montecristo, 1. desember 15:48

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Postet av Montecristo

Grimstad vant NM!

"NM i filmtitting" gikk av stabelen i slutten av november, i regi av Hi-Fi Klubben pluss samarbeidspartnerne FilmMagasinet og Viasat.
Postet av Montecristo

First look: Captain Jack's crew has jumped ship for 'Pirates 4'

A whole new cast of characters joins Johnny Depp's character in the new film, out May 20.
Postet av Montecristo

Michael Bay Talks Transformers 3

When Michael Bay invites you over to his place for lunch, you don’t turn him down. Particularly when it’s a chance to hang at his production company, Bay Films and get a look at the first footage from Transformers: Dark of the Moon.
Postet av Montecristo

- Jeg har angst, men ingen illusjoner

Første desember fylte Woody Allen 75 år. Normalt skulle han ha gått inn i pensjonistene rekker, men er mer produktiv som filmskaper enn noensinne, likevel er han ennå ingen optimist. - Jeg er fullstendig pessimistisk. Og nå som jeg har levd noen år, har jeg også fått bekreftet all min pessimisme.
Postet av Montecristo

Cate Blanchett Is Confirmed Joining 'The Hobbit' Cast

Cate Blanchett is heading to the Middle Earth once again. The 41-year-old actress is tapped to reprise her "Lord of the Rings" role as Galadriel aka Lady of Lothlorien in "The Hobbit"
Postet av Montecristo

'Iron Man 3' Will Serve as Sequel to 'Avengers';

Jon Favreau Says Iron Man 3 Will be Sequel to Thor and Captain America In an interview with MTV, director Jon Favreau explained that by the time Iron Man 3 hits theaters, the worlds of Thor, Captain America, and The...
Postet av Montecristo

Film news District 9 director and star to reunite for Elysium

District 9 duo Neill Blomkamp and Sharlto Copley are reuniting for new sci-fi action movie Elysium.
Postet av Montecristo

James Cameron Announces AVATAR: THE EXHIBITION

James Cameron has announced Avatar: The Exhibition, which will open at Experience Music Project|Science Fiction Museum next June.
Postet av Montecristo

Film features: 50 Greatest Star Wars Characters

Film features and in depth reports from Total Film. 50 Greatest Star Wars Characters. The Force is strong with them
Postet av Montecristo

Digitale filmklubbfilmer på vei

I samarbeid med Nasjonalbiblioteket og cinematekene kan filmklubbforbundet allerede tilby 13 norske spillefilmer i det nye digitale dcp formatet.  I tillegg kommer korttidsimporterte dcp’er som skiftes ut fra sesong til sesong. Til våren regner forbundet med å ha følgende titler som korttidstilbud: 
Postet av Montecristo

Jeff Bridges Interview TRON: LEGACY

Continuing with our series of interviews with the cast of TRON: Legacy, if you’re a fan of Jeff Bridges, you’re in the right place. That’s because at the Los Angeles press junket, I got to participate in a roundtable interview with “The Dude” and he talked about the new technology that was used to make Tron.
Postet av Montecristo

The Wall: The Movie

Det er produsent Andy Harries, som står bak blant annet «The Queen» og «The Damned United», som nå har kjøpt opp filmrettighetene til historien bak Pink Floyd-klassikeren, ”Another Brick In The Wall”
Postet av Montecristo

Sykt lykkelig til Sundance

Anne Sewitskys spillefilmdebut Sykt lykkelig er invitert til å delta i hovedkonkurransen ved filmfestivalen i Sundance neste år. Filmen skal delta i seksjonen hvor festivalen viser fram nye talenter fra alle verdenshjørner.
Postet av Montecristo

20 Awesome Unofficial Star Wars Posters

A bit of a cheat to include this one as “unofficial” given that it was a promo for a real performance of John Williams’ original score, but we’re having it anyway. Why? Because R2 is on the bongos, that’s why!
Postet av Montecristo

True Grit: Everything We Know

The last time the Coen brothers attempted a remake, we ended up with Tom Hanks twiddling his moustache in the distinctly average Ladykillers update. Let’s hope it’s second time lucky then, with Joel and Ethan having mined another classic from yesteryear in the form of seminal John Wayne western True Grit.
Postet av Montecristo

The Genius Of Leslie Nielsen

Leslie Nielsen died last night at the age of 84, and the world just lost an essential bit of comedy. In tribute to the man who inspired a devoted following and launched a million quote-offs, we present a guide to some of his funniest and greatest moments.
Postet av Montecristo

Christopher Nolan (Somewhat) Explains INCEPTION

Christopher Nolan provides some clarity regarding certain theories and readings of Inception. The film stars Leonardo DiCarpio and Ellen Page.
Postet av Montecristo

Leslie Nielsen dies aged 84

It’s with heavy hearts that we find ourselves reporting that Leslie Nielsen has died aged 84.
Postet av Montecristo

16 Movie Stars You Didn't Know Appeared In Games

If you've recently played Fallout: New Vegas, you'll no doubt have been surprised to meet a character called Benny Gecko, played by Matthew Perry, and another, a decrepit, rotting, zombie-like mutant by the name of Raul – voiced by Danny Trejo. That’s right, Danny Trejo, as in Machete Danny Trejo...
Postet av Montecristo

Europris-varianten av Quentin Tarantino

På tross av et stjernelag av flotte skuespillere blir det bare middels karakter på «Machete» fra Tor Milde. Her er ukas filmanmeldelser!
Postet av Montecristo

29 Awesome Movie Assassins

So George Clooney’s getting snipe-happy with this week’s thriller The American. But how does his edge-of-retirement killer size up next to cinema’s finest professional snuffers?
Postet av Montecristo

Harry Potter And The Locations Of Filming

If you're lucky enough to call Britain home, there's a world of Harry Potter locations out there right on your doorstep. Okay, not literally - you'd probably have noticed a group of house elves and a camera crew outside your front door - but you know what we mean.
Postet av Montecristo

Green Lantern Trailer Arrives!

It’s been teased and talked about endlessly recently, but now Warner Bros. has put the Green Lantern trailer on the web for your super heroic consideration.
Postet av Montecristo

Interview with “Heartbeats” Director Xavier Dolan

Actor/director Xavier Dolan, popping up as Francis in his new film Heartbeats. Xavier Dolan is a film director based in Montreal. He’s 21 years old,
Postet av Montecristo

Malin Akerman On For Inferno

Have you been following the developing saga of Linda Lovelace biopic Inferno, with its will-she-won’t-she shenanigans as chosen star Lindsay Lohan struggled with her addictions and spent time in rehab, screwing up the shooting schedule? The story has taken a fresh twist, with director Matthew Wilder finally confirming that Lohan is out and Malin Akerman is taking the lead role.
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